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New photos added

There are some new pictures of the craft on the Thames in this websites gallery. These show the craft being taken out of its transport box and assembled. Also the speck of sand that caused such a problem on that day.

Videos of Steam Boat Willy on other websites.
Apart from what we have put up onto YouTube, these are without our permission
Many, in fact most, of them contain comments such as
"Yes, but don't stop pedalling when over water, else you'll sink."
The true fact is that we had actually considered this before we started building.
The frame was designed to have adequate bouyancy. It floats.
We have tested this. Deliberately stopped pedalling while over water.
It floats. When you start pedalling again it starts to hover again.

Actually, initially, we had envisioned launching the craft in the same manner as a canoe off the towpath of a canal. Put the craft in the water, then step onto it. Float. Then start to hover. We have only ever done this the once just to prove that we can. Every other time we have hovered down a beach or a slipway.

Posted on [2nd Sep 2012]


HoverShow 2012

As usual, our craft performed at the HoverShow
Those who became Hovercraft Engines ( type human )
for the first time were :-
Jem Stansfield
Chris Simpson
Carol Smith

See videos of Jem's hover here and
another one here

You hear the sounds of all the fun of the HoverShow and see the now retired Cross-Channel Hovercraft in the background.

This was the second craft that Jem had pedalled into the air.
The first was his aeroplane, as can be seen on BBC 1 at 7.30
today Bang Goes The Theory

Posted on [29th Apr 2012]


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