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Other Human Powered Flight Projects:

Don Monroe - Photos of MacCready HPA

Virginia Tech - Sporting Biplane

Airglow - John McIntyre British HPA

Daedalus - Longest Distance HPA, Greek pilot in American plane

  - Daedalus YouTube Video - Part 1 NOVA The Light Stuff

  - Daedalus YouTube Video - Part 2 NOVA The Light Stuff

  - Daedalus YouTube Video - Part 3 NOVA The Light Stuff

Gossamer Albatross - NASA / Paul MacCready

Blue Falcor - Dutch HPA project

Tobermory - Canadian HPA project

Velair - German HPA Peer Frank

The Raven Project

Zeppy - Pedal-powered balloon

Bryan Allen - How many different HPA has this guy flown?

Toronto Ornithopter - Old principle, new techniques


Associations and Societies:

International Human Powered Vehicle Association

The Royal Aeronautical Society

The Royal Aeronautical Society Human Powered Aircraft Group

Air De Glisse


Museums and Events:

The Hovercraft Museum


Useful Information:

Malcolm Whapshott's site - Design information

Human Powered Flying - Book by Chris Roper



James' Hovercraft - hovercraft of the world

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