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HoverShow 2011

Another wondeful show of hovercraft at Lee-on-Solent. (All the other craft had engines.) The wind was horrendous so we were restricted to demonstrating in a hangar. We carried several passengers. On Saturday Francesca Hayter, on Sunday :- Jason Nash, Archie Emery and Finley Barfoot and on Monday Arron Hopwood, Sean Dyer, Finley Powell, Leo Walters, Cameron James Robinson and Dylan Baker. Our craft is a single seater. the passenger has to carefully balance on the frame, and the pilot has to pedal extra hard,
Pilots at the show were Simon, Chris, Michael and Philip O'Brian, the son of Tim O'Brian who, at over 18 stone (118 kg) is probably our heaviest.
. link here then scroll down to see an eariler passenger trip

Posted on [2nd May 2011]


Hovercraft hovers inside Hovercraft

When does a hovercraft hover inside another hovercraft ?
When it lives there.
Yes, Steam Boat Willy has a new home.
SBW is now permanently at the Hovercraft Museum, Lee-on-Solent,UK, and
is currently inside the SRN4 Princess - that is the big beast that for thirty years did the cross-channel run.
SBW has been active at the Museum before and will continue to be so.
We moved it there today and it became airborne inside the Princess under the leg power, first of Michael (10 years old) and then Chris (73 years old).
The Hovercraft Museum Trust are providing us with facilities to continue the development of the craft.

Posted on [8th Jan 2011]


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